What you need to do when you want to ask for information to consider an online purchase

Communicate your interest, specifying the code of the jewel and the name of the collection to:
or by telephone to the following numbers: + 39 348 2785670 • +39 335 6021608

You can also use the request form
For information, just filling in the fields:
- Object code
- Select collection
- Type of object
- Notes

For purchases, filling in all fields.

Please select the object you are interested in:

Payment method


Data for electronic invoicing:

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The supplier of the products is Manuela Telesca (VAT no. 01379890765), included in the register of Intra-Community Operators (VIES), with legal and production office in via Rifreddo 114 - 85100 Potenza - Italy.

Shopping online

To facilitate the online shopping process, competent staff is available to provide meticulous guidance to help the customer choose the right item.
We guarantee accurate and refined packaging, maintenance and/or replacement in case of anomalies or production defects.
The exchange of the object is carried out within the time limits provided for by the applicable laws.
For further information please write to or contact the following numbers: +39 348 2785670 • +39 335 6021608

Informazioni per gli acquisti online

Informazioni sulla manutenzione dei gioielli

Informativa sulla privacy
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VAT Reg. no 01379890765
included in the VAT Information Exchange System VIES


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