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Manuela has always been intrigued by the fantastic tales written by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. The unreal became real in these tales, and Manuela’s creativity was fuelled by the possible transformation of characters and things, and the treasures - often hidden or given as a gift - let her imagination run wild. The magic spells and silks used by the main character would bring to light sparkling gold items and precious stones, prompting her to create magic objects and daydream. Was there something that brought together both features of transformation and sparkle ? The answer came later: jewellery design and creation. Jewels were created from shining materials, suitable for endless and complex changes thanks to Manuela's manufacturing skills and highly experienced craftsmanship. Due to their unique design, her jewels are considered as contemporary artworks, with roots and branches that absorb nourishment from the deepest part of the artist’s soul and grow, having in themselves the qualities of all historic periods and thus becoming timeless objects. Her imagination has been able to turn her fantasies into reality and, like in the best fairy tales’ happy endings, the girl’s dream came true..

Rossella Batassa 
Art Historian

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