Giving “multiple” life to artworks to continuously change the forms and shapes of the assemblage sculptures. Using some of the most innovative technologies, Manuela Telesca creates a set of assemblage sculptures and relief paintings, on methacrylate or crystal with LED backlight, drawing inspiration from the pieces of jewellery that most suit this kind of artistic representation. Colours are used as sophisticated interior design items. The paintings of this collection come in different sizes and can be placed directly on the walls or used to divide one space from the other and/or light up any private or public venue
cm 140 x cm 180 x cm 13
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©2021 Manuela Telesca. Marchio e modelli depositati
Via Rifreddo, 114 - 85100 Potenza
P.Iva/C.F. 01379890765
inclusa nell’archivio degli operatori intracomunitari VIES


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