About Me


Education and Training

Manuela Telesca was born in Potenza (Italy), she graduated in jewellery (Accademia Riace - Florence) and then in jewellery and study of gemstones (Accademia delle Arti Orafe - Florence). The graduation was followed by a long and passionate training in some Florentine goldsmiths workshops. At the same time, she started to study sculptural arts. In 2000, she opened a workshop in Potenza where she creates her artworks using metal and gemstones: one-of-a-kind sculptural jewels (unique pieces, limited editions and different collections). Her continuous interest for other materials, including bronze, wood, plaster and colours is expressed through experimentation on size: from smaller scale precious jewels to large size mized-media assemblage sculptures.

Her interests and passions

Jewellery and Sculpture

Among her solo exhibitions, it is worth mentioning the 2004 jewels exhibition at Galleria Tekné in Potenza, the “Fluide Metamorfosi” exhibition held in 2008 at the Museo Provinciale of Potenza, showing both jewels and sculptures and the 2015 “Tales of Flames” exhibition, combining sculptures, installations and art jewels, organised with the cooperation of “Porta Coeli International art Gallery”. The Galleria Lucana, the exhibition curator, chose Manuela Telesca for the 10th edition of the Florence Biennale (2015 edition) with the artwork “Sipario”, assemblage sculpture made in bronze, brass, wood, alabaster gypsum, plaster and acrylic. Fourteen group art exhibitions from 2004 to 2011. Her creative dualism between ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ continues over the years, alternating over time; sometimes jewels become the concept for creating sculptural works and vice versa, as both artworks are made using the same techniques and materials.
This continuous “migration” from small scale to large scale SHAPES enhances her sensational imagination, showing an ever-evolving artistic vision..


Internationalisation Project

Manuela Telesca's creative vision is both ancestral and sophisticated and characterised by unique versatility in style. The designer makes her own prototypes personally, in her workshops surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, with the help of an excellent staff of craftsmen and artists, continuously exploring new shapes and techniques. Over the years, she has been creating several bespoke collections, in gold, silver and bronze with precious or semiprecious gemstones. Extremely varied in design, Manuela Telesca's one-of-a-kind jewels have something 'ancestral' but, at the same time, contemporary and sophisticated, and they are particularly suitable for an elegant and selective public, as the one that usually attends important international trade fairs. Our jewels have been displayed at the INHORGENTA Trade Fair in Munich, which is one of the top 5 jewellery fairs in the world (February 2017).

"elegant design and highly skilled manufacturing techniques"

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